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Pettysoft Vertical Software Solutions
Pettysoft has developed vertical market software solutions (TOOLS) that have been marketed on a Global basis. Pettysoft has built applications from the ground level to ERP, modified certain package programs, created special data queries & reports and developed front-end / back-end modules which can interface with your existing software systems.  We are an information technology solution provider for our clients in the area of Accounting and Domain Software Consulting, Software Integration / Support and Software Development

Effective Membership Management system designed for Gyms, Health Clubs & Personal Training Centers.

Salon Management Software that helps you run your business effectively and save time & money.

E-Academy Software
Manage Enquiries, Student Details, Faculty Schedules, Payments & Revenue Information with efficiency in a user friendly manner

Digitize your business operations to better serve your customers and automate your transactions & reporting.

Our simple and easy to use Stock Management & Revenue ReportingSoftware to keep real time track of all business operations.

Outlet enables you to maintain accurate inventory levels and gives you instant visibility into your cafe / outlet business health and cash flow.

Complete POS software solution that provides restaurants with a business application, built on sophisticated yet easy-to-use technology.

Catering Software
Powerful Catering Control system with Delivery Schedules, Individual Customer Information, Address, Likes / Dislikes & Bag Management

Time & Task
Schedule and Follow-Up on your Employees' Time & Tasks with Appointments, To-Do's, Work Schedules and Job Status.

Payroll Software
Project Based Payroll Software you can trust with Manpower Job Costing & Effective Reporting – Trusted Accuracy and Security.

Manpower Job Costing
Industry Level Manpower Job Costing software to allocate your Employees' Timedirectly to the Job, including Salary, Allowances, End Of Service Benefits, Accruals, etc.
HR Document Validity
One application for all your document validity and secure storage needs. Never pay a fine for a late renewal again.
Work Flow
Management Solution for Photographers and Studios. Manage and schedule shoots, crew, locations and equipment, track employees’ hours, commissions and sales from events or invoices.
Light Route
(Parts / Service / Units)
Automotive Industry Software for tracking Units, Spare Parts & Services with Real Time Inventory Control & Workshop Job Status Notifications
Trip & Delivery
Manage your Drivers & Couriers with Delivery Schedule / Request Tickets. Reduce your operation costs by effectively optimizing trips by location.
Job Card & Notification
Workshop & Garage Operation Control system to control Items Used, Manpower Spent & Services done by vehicle, now with Real Time Notification.
Asset Management
Record & Store all your asset details with Purchase Value, Location, Keeper, Warranty Information, Depreciation, Photographs, etc.
Cloud based Parts & Substitute Parts finder database with Billing & Inventory Management System for Dealers.
Extreme Calibration
Industry Level Item Quality Checking & Calibration Software with Instrument's details, specifications, worksheet procedures, Certificate Printing & Metallic Barcode Tag.

B-Con (Budget Control)
Versatile Budget Control software that puts all elements necessary for project cost tracking and budget management with task, material & manpower management.

Manufacturing Software
Control factories & manufacturing plants by Raw Materials Issued & Manpower with Assembly / Production of raw material to finished goods by stages.

Refinery Software
Precise Refinery Management for Metals & Precious Metal Refineries. Track Incoming & Outgoing Materials with Assay Report Tracking.

Rent Manager Software
Property Management Solution for managing your units with tenant and contract management. Now with Digital Renewal Alerts by SMS.

Farms & Livestock
Manage your farm & livestock accurately with Feed Issued, Fertilizer / Medication Used, Weight-In & Weight-Out with Gain / Profit Calculation. Integrated with major accounting softwares.
Visiting Card
Save all your contacts with Detailed Information in this easy to use package. Search and retrieve contact details by name, number, location, business activity, products they deal in, and much more.
Scan, Store & Secure your Important Documents, Images, PDFs, etc. with user-level access restrictions & customizable file encryption.

Visitor Log
Keep Permanent Records of all Visitors with In-Time & Out-Time. Fast & Simple Registration through Integration to Nation based ID Cards.
Call Accounting
Record all calls attended in your office, with time tracking and Caller Details pop-up right on your computer desktop.
Cash Accounting
PettyCash Software
Keep track of your Business and Office Petty Cash Expenses for better control of your Cash On Hand and Petty Cash Fund.
Accrual Accounting-DrCr
Professional Accounting Software that gives you complete control over your business financial transactions. Integrated with all Pettysoft products right out of the box.

Accounting features to make your life EASY
Use our powerful features from any where,
any time and get full control of your financials!

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