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Timex IT Consulting has designed a number of courses so you can gain the skills to make the most of your software and work more effectively and efficiently. Timex IT Consulting work with Sage & Pettysoft software every day so we’ve unrivalled experience and can focus on delivering high quality, effective training.  We pride ourselves in providing first class training. Courses are presented in language that is clear, jargon-free and easy to understand. Accounts Training is suitable for anyone who uses Sage & Pettysoft software, or who is thinking about using it – whatever your level of skill or field of business.

Corporate Training
Training on Timex IT Consulting is not just training, but it is a comprehensive preparation to crack interviews with a strong grasp over the latest technologies. We will provide you an opportunity under training to work with the team of professional software developers, get the assistant of project managers, and work on live projects. We will put you on live projects after your classroom study is finished. Our main focus is to make students well acquainted with technical knowledge, provide them hands on experience over the live projects of the company.

Timex IT Consulting is IT Company having its global recognition for Software Development, Accounting Service. Our core focus is on transforming raw skills into industrial expertise. We define, refine and then train students to keep pace with the fast changing technologies and work on cutting edge technologies in the IT sector. Latest IT trends are followed in our company and thus we help our trainees to get benefits from the ocean of knowledge.
Our main aim behind providing training is to make certain that trainees understand our organization, its mission, vision, goals and values. Our training module aims to establish professionals and experts who have integrity and responsibility to handle upcoming challenges.Investing in student’s professional development is proven to provide an outstanding return through increased productivity, which filters through to their caliber and the company in which they get employed.  It has been shown that a well established corporate training helps to motivate and retain students.

Business benefits our training program:
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Quality of Service
  • Faster Growth in your career
  • Accreditation
  • Increased retention and motivation

(Sage & Pettysoft)

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